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Meet Dr. Clements

Dr. Clements Wright Vision Care, LLCDr. Clements pursued eye care for a very personal reason. Now he serves his patients faithfully at Wright Vision Care, LLC to make sure no one misses out on all life has to offer because of their vision.

Get to know Dr. Zarwell

Dr. Lisa Zarwell, Wright Vision Care, LLCDr. Zarwell lights up our office. She's equally caring as she is skilled in eye care. We love the passion she brings to our team and how faithfully she serves her patients.

Meet the Doctors – Dr. Gordon

Dr. Gordon is not only an experienced expert in the eyecare industry, but he's also always good for a laugh.

Meet the Doctors – Dr. Wright

Dr. Wright has been in practice in Sun Prairie for more than 26 years and is full of fun, interesting stories he's encountered along the way.