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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the turnaround time for glasses? What about contacts?
Typically between 1-2 weeks. Some lens options can cause a longer wait time.
*Contacts typically take a week; year supplies paid in full can be directly shipped to your home free of charge. Some contact lens options can delay your order.

How should I clean my glasses?
1) Rinse lenses in cold running water
2) Put a drop of mild dish soap (Ex. Dawn) on each lens, both sides. Otherwise spray the lenses with lens cleaner.
3) *With the dish soap, gently massage the lenses in a circular motion. Then rinse off once more in running water.
4) Wipe off liquid with a clean 100% cotton cloth (no fabric softner)
5) The finishing touch! Wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.

If I’m new to contacts can I take them home the same day as my exam?
New contact lens wearers must complete a class before leaving with any trial contacts. Usually this class is scheduled after your exam for another day.

Why do new contact lens wearers need to have a class?
Contacts are considered a medical device. An eyecare professional must ensure the patient is comfortable inserting and removing them before leaving the office.

What happens if my glasses are broken? Stolen/lost?
Whatever you do resist the urge to use superglue to make any repairs. It will void the warranty (if you still have one) or cause irreparable damage to the frame and/or lenses. Electrical tape tends to work the best if you have to do something until we can help you. If they’re lost or stolen don’t worry because your homeowners/renters insurance may cover the replacement cost of your glasses.

Can you put lenses in my current frame or do I need to buy a new one? What if it wasn’t purchased here?
Of course! Our opticians will inspect the condition of your frame to make sure it’s worth the investment to only upgrade the lenses. They may also require that the frame be sent in to our lab depending on certain variables.

What is your return/exchange policy?
Once a product has been made unfortunately it cannot be returned for a refund but we will work with you to fix what isn’t working for you on your new glasses (Ex. rx change, frame change, etc.)
*Contacts must be unopened boxes in order to return/exchange. We can exchange your new prescription for your old one (as long as they were purchased in the last year). Returns can only be done within the past 90 days.

Do you have payment plans? How much do I have to put down to get the order started?
We do not offer payment plans but we do accept Care Credit! In order to get your glasses order started we need at least half down of your total order.

What sets you apart from other opticals?
We carry a variety of frames and styles to suit almost any individual. We sell high quality products to ensure you’re getting the best vision possible. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the eyecare industry to assist you in making the best decision with your optical needs. We have the latest exam technology to give you a thorough look into your eye health and visual acuity. Last but not least, we pride ourselves in the customer service we provide to our patients.