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Vision Over 40

Although vision naturally changes over time, there’s no reason that – without proper care and preventative measures – you can’t experience healthy, robust eyesight at age 40 and beyond.

At Wright Vision Care, we’re able to recommend a number of different techniques and procedures that keep your vision healthy throughout your lifespan.  To learn more about vision concerns that are specifically related to the aging process – as well as what you can do to cope with these changes – take a look at any of the following educational articles:

  • Learn about changes that occur to your eyes and your vision as you grow older - and what you can do to protect your eyesight.
  • Protect yourself from age-related eye problems and vision loss by following these simple tips.
  • Vision problems can seriously affect the quality of life of America's seniors. Learn what you can do to prevent or cope with age-related vision loss.
  • If you are over 40, already wear glasses, and your "arms aren't long enough" to read a newspaper, it's time for multifocal lenses.
  • There is no need to advertise your age with bifocals or trifocals-choose progressive lenses.
  • All about reading glasses, including why custom-made readers are superior to the pre-made variety from the drugstore.
  • The risk for dry eye increases with age, especially for women.