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When is an eye exam, not an eye exam?

by Dr. Wright, Owner, Wright Vision Care, LLC

Now what kind of a question is that?

Many patients, when they call for their exam, will say, "I would like Wright Vision Care, LLCto schedule my eye exam." Which makes sense to our office staff. But sometimes the reason the patient called is because they have an eye 'problem' which needs to be diagnosed and treated. In this situation the 'eye exam' now becomes a 'treatment' or 'red eye' visit. Do they need an eye exam or should they be asking for something else?

Don't worry. Our staff will sort that out with a few questions on the phone or when you arrive. An 'eye exam' is commonly referred to as a 'wellness' visit is often covered by a vision plan offered by an employer. A 'treatment visit, or red eye exam' is when a patient comes in because he/she senses there is an eye problem whether it is a vision problem, eye pain, eye injury, or a test was ordered by the doctor at the last visit.

Many times a 'wellness' exam, usually covered by a vision plan, changes to a treatment exam, based on the findings of the exam. When that occurs the visit may require special tests, medicine prescribed, or follow up visits planned. Now the exam has changed and coverage for the visit may be with your medical carrier. Occasions such as this is one reason we ask for both your vision plan ID card, and your medical insurance cards at check in. This is an example of when an 'eye exam' is no longer an 'eye exam' but has changed to a 'treatment' or 'red eye' visit.

Optometrists are licensed to diagnose and treat most eye diseases, in addition to providing routine eye exams. We also see many eye emergency visits so if you are wondering where to go when something suddenly hurts or doesn't seem right, give us a call. We will make sure you are seen given the urgency.

So whatever the reason you are contacting the office, we are trained and equipped to take care of all your eye care needs.... eye exam or not!

Dr. Richard Wright, Owner, Wright Vision Care, LLC

  by Dr. Richard Wright, Owner of Wright Vision Care, LLC