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Now taking appointments at Prairie Lakes!

You can now book appointments with Dr. Kovacs at our Prairie Lakes Office on Mondays from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. beginning February 15.

Dr. Jessamyn Kovacs joined Wright Vision Care, LLC last summer and brings a unique, valuable background to our team.

Before Dr. Kovacs became an eye doctor, she gained extensive background as an optician. She has been fitting and dispensing glasses for 14 years in several different modalities of clinics. She has worked for large corporate clinics, small private practices, and large private practices. She has worked in both optometry and ophthalmology settings, fitting and dispensing glasses for a wide range of patients, from babies to the elderly. Dr. Kovacs says her favorite type of clinic to work in is private practice where she gets to know each member in the family, seeing them year after year.

But her past experience is not limited to work as an optician. She is also an RN. She cared for 25 residents at a time in a mental health nursing facility. Not only was she in charge of caring for the residents but she also had an integrate role in monitoring, diagnosing, and treating common conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia. Now as an eye doctor, she uses these experiences to help diagnose, manage and educate her patients on these conditions and coordinate care with their primary care physicians as these conditions can have ocular manifestations. Sometimes the first sign of these conditions are found within the eyes.

And while she joined our team for the first time as an eye doctor last summer, it's not her first experience working with Wright Vision Care, LLC. She worked both as an optician and an optometric technician for Wright Vision Care years ago. She enjoyed helping her patients select a set of glasses they loved as well as seeing them come back in if they ever needed an adjustment to their eyewear. She learned a great deal of the "tricks of the trade" from her accomplished colleagues, including George Oehrlein. As an optometric technician at Wright Vision Care she enjoyed getting to know her patients as she assessed their ocular needs, all while preparing them to see their eye care provider. During this time she learned a lot about the anatomy and physiology of the human eye from Dr. Wright, including the "whys and why nots" of how the eye functioned. He inspired her to want to know more about these "whys and why nots," further propelling her interest in optometry. She also really enjoyed the camaraderie of the office including both staff and doctors and how everyone worked together for the benefit of the patient, from both health and customer service standpoints.

That's why Dr. Kovacs found her way back to us after earning her Doctorate of Optometry from Western University of Health Sciences College of Optometry and we couldn't be happier to have her on our team.

She is American Board of Opticianry (ABOC) certified and is part of the American Optometric Association, Wisconsin Optometric Association and the Madison Area Optometric Society.

We encourage you to book your next eye care appointment with Dr. Kovacs and let her extensive and well-versed background serve your eye care needs.

Call 608-825-2020 to book your appointment or click here to contact us.